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As much joy as a new baby brings to parents, the addition of a child is also one of the most stressful things that can happen to a couple's relationship. In fact, 69% of new parents report increased conflict and disappointment in their partner relationship after the birth of their baby!

The Bringing Baby Home workshop is designed for expectant and new parents to develop skills and techniques that will help ease the transition that comes with the addition of a baby. The 2-day Bringing Baby Home Workshop addresses many of the common concerns and experiences of new parents. Through a series of dynamic short presentations, exercises, video clips, and facilitated group discussion, the workshop provides research-based information and guidance. This workshop will help you begin to navigate the challenges of transitioning to parenthood.

In the Bringing Baby Home workshop, you can expect to learn:

--The importance of co-parenting
--Ways to sustain a better emotional connection with each other into parenthood
--Strategies for managing conflict
--Behaviors that help ensure a continued strong and thriving relationship

Join Elizabeth for a fast-paced, fun and informative workshop!

This workshop is designed for expecting or new parents. You may bring your newborn baby (up to 6 months) to the class.

Please contact us if you have questions or need more information.

Next session: June 2016

Cost: $299

Location: Home of Truth Spiritual Center
1300 Grand Street
Alameda, CA 94501 (map)